Blades of a New Dawn

Revised Periodic Guild Vault and Capital Income Statement

So Kari suggested I look into having Garret make a profit for the guild with his enchanting. So since I haven’t played Garret since the beginning of these statements I’ve retroactively added in his profits. I’ve also updated the statements for the end of Kari’s last adventure.

01/01/02Starting Balance for the year  4,000.90
01/01/02Speet Deathblade Materials-600.00 3,400.90
01/01/02Garret Enchant Materials-105 3,295.90
03/01/02Garret Enchant Profit 8,315.0011,610.90
04/01/02Garret Enchant Materials-105 11,505.90
05/01/02Speet Deathblade Profits 1,800.0013,305.90
06/01/02Speet Deathblade Materials-600.00 12,705.90
06/01/02Garret Enchant Profit 8,315.0021,020.90
07/01/02Garret Enchant Materials-105 20,915.90
09/01/02Garret Enchant Profit 8,315.0029,230.90
10/01/02Speet Deathblade Profits 1,800.0031,030.90
10/01/02Garret Enchant Materials-105 30,925.90
11/01/02Speet Deathblade Materials-600.00 30,325.90
12/01/02Garret Enchant Profit 8,315.0038,640.90
13/01/02Garret Enchant Materials-105 38,535.90
15/01/02Speet Deathblade Profits 1,800.0040,335.90
15/01/02Garret Enchant Profit 8,315.0048,650.90
16/01/02Garret Enchant Materials-105 48,545.90
18/01/02Speet Deathblade Materials-600.00 47,945.90
18/01/02Garret Enchant Profit 8,315.0056,260.90
19/01/02Garret Enchant Materials-105 56,155.90
21/01/02Garret Enchant Profit 8,315.0064,470.90
22/01/02Speet Deathblade Profits 1,800.0066,270.90
22/01/02Garret Enchant Materials-105 66,165.90
23/01/02Speet Deathblade Materials-600.00 65,565.90
24/01/02Garret Enchant Profit 8,315.0073,880.90
25/01/02Garret Enchant Materials-105 73,775.90
27/01/02Speet Deathblade Profits 1,800.0075,575.90
27/01/02Garret Enchant Profit 8,315.0083,890.90
28/01/02Speet Deathblade Materials-600.00 83,290.90
28/01/02Garret Enchant Materials-105 83,185.90
30/01/02Garret Enchant Profit 8,315.0091,500.90
31/01/02Garret Enchant Materials-105 91,395.90
01/02/02Speet Deathblade Profits 1,800.0093,195.90
02/02/02Speet Deathblade Materials-600.00 92,595.90
02/02/02Garret Enchant Profit 8,315.00100,910.90
03/02/02Garret Enchant Materials-105 100,805.90
05/02/02Garret Enchant Profit 8,315.00109,120.90
06/02/02Speet Deathblade Profits 1,800.00110,920.90
07/02/02Vault Vegetables Profit 0.34110,921.24
01/01/02Starting Balance for the year  1,000.20
07/01/02Week’s Capital  100.501,100.70
14/01/02Week’s Capital  108.101,208.80
21/01/02Week’s Capital  111.401,320.20
28/01/02Week’s Capital  116.201,436.40
04/0/02Week’s Capital  126.701,563.10



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